China National Resources Recycling Association

China National Resources Recycling Association (CRRA for short) was established in 1993. It is a state-level corporate legal-person industry organization approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and registered under the jurisdiction of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. CRRA is composed of processors and traders from the nationwide professional companies (groups), industrial and mining enterprises, waste trading companies and other companies that recycle the renewable resources, and it also includes members such as scientific research institutes,colleges, social organizations, individuals, etc. It currently has over 1,200 members, with its headquarters located in Beijing.

China Plastic Recycling Association of CRRA

China Plastic Recycling Association of CRRA (CPRA for short) was established in May 2014. It is one of the 16 directly-affiliated units subordinate to China National Resources Recycling Association. It currently has more than 300 members, covering recycling, dismantling,processing, product manufacturing, trade, services, etc. It gives full play to the organization advantages of China’s largest renewable resources industry, strives for a just and fair development environment for the recycled plastics industry, enhances the industry image, and enables the government, the media and the public to truly understand the recycled plastics industry; it actively cooperates with relevant government departments to formulate standards of industry access and environmental protection and laws and policies of recycling system construction, industry development planning, industry management regulations, etc; it establishes the communication platform in the recycled plastics industry for international and domestic scientific research, production, processing, financing, transportation, sales, trade dispute mediation, legal services, certification supervision, etc., and actively helpsenterprises of recycled plastics to develop domestic and international markets, upgrade technological levels and improve their market competitiveness, reflects the voice of the industry, consolidates the strength of the industry, and provides all-round services for the development and growth of the recycled plastics industry.

Its main tasks include

  • 1

    Organize its members to study and implement relevant national policies and guidelines, promptly report the situations to relevant government departments, offer proposals and assist in formulating policies and regulations related to industry development.

  • 2

    Investigate the basic situation of the industry, collect and arrange the fundamental data of the industry, assist government departments in formulating industry development plans, participate in the formulation and revision of various types of standards for the industry, and organize and carry forward the implementation of such standards. Do well in statistical work on the business operation and special projects of the recycled plastics enterprises, provide the basis for the government to formulate industrial policies, and serve the members for their business decision-making.

  • 3

    Provide members with relevant policies, technologies, products, markets and other information, exchange information on trade, economy, technology and environmental protection of the recycled plastics industry, and provide various consulting services for members. Coordinate the relationship between members and other organizations and promote cooperation and development within and outside the industry.

  • 4

    Organize or participate in various forms of exhibitions, expositions, trade fairs, industry forums, etc. related to the domestic recycled plastics industry, help enterprises develop channels of commodity circulation and set up the information exchange platform for the circulation of recycled plastics products.

  • 5

    Establish a credit-rating evaluation system for the recycled plastics industry to provide enterprises with investment and financing services. Provide trade dispute prevention and solution and related legal services for the recycled plastics industry.

  • 6

    Organize the entire industry to carry out domestic and overseas training that are rich in the content of policies, management, technology, etc., host various types of training activities according to members’ requirements, organize the compilation of training materials, and improve the quality of employees in the recycled plastics industry.

  • 7

    Carry out economic, technological, trading and academic exchanges and cooperation with international peers and assist members in introducing foreign capital and advanced technology. Actively support China’s advanced technology of recycled plastic recycling to enter into the international market.

  • 8

    Carry out theoretical research and academic exchanges of the industry and compile relevant data of the industry. Organize the implementation of demonstration projects for the comprehensive utilization of recycled plastics and actively promote new technologies and scientific and technological achievements.

Departmental Responsibilities

  • Business Development Department

    1. Actively establish a platform for exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and governments, industry upstream and downstream and industry-related industries;

    2. Organize domestic enterprises to go out to understand the international market, and set up the most convenient and secure procurement channels;

    3. Create an international grand event in the most influential recycled plastics industry of China and even the world to display, promote, cooperate and develop the entire industry chain of recycled plastics, and provide enterprises with a one-stop solution platform.

  • International Cooperation Department

    1. Responsible for communication and exchange with international industry organizations, related associations, groups, government agencies and enterprises;

    2. Understand the latest international information and the trend of international market development;

    3. Establish a platform for foreign companies to come into China and Chinese enterprises to go out to the international market, and promote the exchange of trade contacts, technical communications and market information between domestic and foreign enterprises. Provide consulting and guidance services for the importing enterprises.

  • Member Services Department

    1. Do well in the recruitment of new members and dynamic management of members in accordance with the articles of association;

    2. Collect members’ opinions and suggestions on the operations of the association, and be responsible for establishing and improving the files of the members;

    3. Establish Home of Members to providetheoretical policy support and information services for members;

    4. Understand the actual demands of member enterprises, feed back their opinions and suggestions to relevant government departments and association leaders, and act well as a bridge and bond between enterprises and the government;

  • IT Department

    1. Provide information-related services for enterprises in the recycled plastics industry;

    2. Help enterprises to establish a domestic recycling system via Internet; guide enterprises to use the Internet to promote their marketing and provide Internet marketing training for enterprises;

    3. Help enterprises to develop their WeChat and website and to perform their testing and acceptance check;

    4. Routine maintenance and operation of WeChat and website;

    5. Development, testing, and acceptance check of mobile phone APP of corporate mobile internet;

    6. Customized development, verification and acceptance check of enterprise information products.

Standards and Certification Service Center

The center is under the leadership of China Plastic Recycling Association of CRRA, takes the lead in formulating national, industry and group standards for the recycled plastics industry, promotes the relevant standards to the recycled plastics industry and supervises evaluates the implementation of such standards . Meanwhile, it provides relevant certification consulting service for the industry, promotes quality management system, environmental management system, health management system, and “green recycling” certification in the recycled plastics industry, introduces relevant internationally influential certifications, and provides services for enterprises to develop their international markets and channels . Through standards and certification services, it improves the management level of the enterprises of recycled plastics, expands the impact of the recycled plastics industry in the society, increases the internationalization level of Chinese recycled plastics enterprises and promotes their competitiveness in the international market.

Main Functions:

1. Organize industry experts and institutions to jointly compile and publish international standards, industry standards and group standards for the recycled plastics industry; through the formulation of a batch of standards that are urgently needed by the industry, solve key problems restricting the development of the industry; organize relevant training and publicity to promote the implementation and evaluation of relevant standards.

2. Organize professional certification agencies to provide the industry with consulting services for quality management system (ISO9001), environmental management system (ISO14001), health management system (OHSAS18001) and other fundamental management system certifications;

3. In the recycled plastics industry, carry out the inspection certification of corporate carbon emission reduction, provide enterprises with the basis for carbon emission reduction, and provide basis of low-carbon products for downstream clients; publish the white book on carbon emission reduction for the recycled plastics industry each year, provide relevant data support for the government and provide the basis for the government to formulate preferential policies for the industry; carry out selection activity of “Carbon Emission Reduction Pioneer in the Recycled Plastics Industry” to enhance the industry influence and social influence of the enterprises; explore the feasibility of “carbon trading” and open up new sources of income for the recycled plastics enterprises.

4. Carry out “green recycling” certification in the recycled plastics industry, and perform it through the green recycling certification; green recycling is the whole-process management system certification of using waste plastics as raw materials for granulation or processing plastic products with recycled plastic particles. Under the five major requirements of traceability, environmental protection, social responsibility, recycling identification and general principles, it performs the certification upon recycled granulation enterprises and plastic products enterprises. After passing the certification, the recycled granulation enterprises and plastic products enterprises can use the green recycling logos externally. Passing the green recycling certification can enhance the product competitiveness of the enterprises, at the same time, it will show the social significance of recycled plastics and will be in line with the international system of internationally-purchased recycled products at a high price.

5. Cooperate with SGS to provide enterprises with related services of consulting and certificationfor RIOS (Recycling Industry Operation Standards) and R2 (Recycling Standards for Electronic Recycling Business Full-responsibility Recycling Standards); through the two major certifications with international influence, improve the international level and international competitiveness of the recycled plastics enterprises .

6. Organize experts to carry out in-depth research on the industry, make research and formulate certified products in line with the development of the recycled plastics industry in China, and establish the international influence and voice of the China's recycled plastics industry through certifications.

7. Organize experts to provide relevant certification training for enterprises in the recycled plastics industry, improve the knowledge level and actual operation level of relevant enterprise personnel, and truly provide strong support for the management improvement of the enterprises;

Environmental-protection and Consulting Service Center

1. Organize, formulate and publish the development strategies and planning recommendations in the areas of recycled plastic technology, energy conservation, environmental protection, etc., and participate in the preparation of special plans for national science and technology, energy conservation, environmental protection, industrial clusters, etc. Organize the application and coordination of national science and technology planned projects in the field of recycled plastics;

2. Organize a seminar on pollution prevention technology, equipment and technology for the Chinese recycled plastics industry, so that enterprises can fully understand the knowledge of source types of pollution, disposing processes, and pollution management, assist enterprises to transform pollution control from pure cost input to the high-value behavior which brings about the coexistence of input and environmental management benefits, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry and the enterprises;

3. Organize the formulation and revision of process technical specifications, technical standards and environmental protection standards in the field of recycled plastics. Coordinate with relevant departments to carry out the appraisal and promotion of scientific and technological achievements in the field of recycled plastics, the review and promotion of modern management innovation achievements in enterprise management and the review and recommendation of scientific and technological awards. Be responsible for patents and intellectual property rights in the field of recycled plastics;

4. Establish an industrial, academic and research academic exchange platform and a cooperative innovation platform with universities and research institutes, provide a basis for the formulation of industry policies and strategies and promote the progress of environmental-protection technology and equipment and industrial upgrading of the recycled plastic industry in China

5. Provide all-round consulting services for project initiating, development planning, project feasibility analysis, environmental impact assessment, project review, project approval, intellectual property rights, achievement transformation for recycled plastic enterprises/industrial parks; serve as a corporate policy consultant and assist enterprises to apply for various scientific and technological projects.

6. Strengthen the research on basic technologies, equipment and processes for pollution prevention and control in the recycled plastics industry, establish exchanges and cooperation among recycled plastics processing enterprises, environmental-protection equipment manufacturing enterprises and pollution-prevention scientific research institutions, provide all-round services on pollution monitoring, treatment process, equipment selection and pollution management fro the enterprises in the industry, and provide high-efficiency support to practically solve the processing pollution problems that restrict the development of China’s recycled plastics industry;

Trade Mediation and Legal Services Center

On September 27, 2019, at the site of the 14th China International Plastics Recycling Conference held in Shanghai, China Plastic Recycling Association of CRRA and Ganjiang New District International Arbitration Court formally signed a cooperation agreement to establish a trade mediation and legal services center for the recycled plastics industry. It has established a professional trade arbitration team in the industry to provide all-round services for the enterprises in the industry.

1. Responsible for the acceptance of dispute mediation applications by member enterprises, designation of mediation teams or mediators, mediation implementation, return visits, mediation document production, file management, etc.; rely on the cooperation with Ganjiang New District International Arbitration Court and China Council for Promotion of International Trade to carry out the all-round services of trade risk prevention, trade dispute mediation, credit investigation, legal consulting, etc. in the recycled plastics industry;

2. Carry out legal publicity and legal service activities to form a legal counsel mechanism, and provide consulting services of policies and laws for member enterprises to operate, invest and restructure according to law;

3. Established a working network with chambers of commerce, law firms, dispute resolution agencies and research institutions in different countries to share expert resources and provide the most professional, fastest and most effective solutions for member enterprises’ legal demands;

4. Improve the formulation of industry regulations, punishment for law-breaking operations and corporate credit rating assessment methods in the field of industry self-discipline, urge enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities, regulate the market operations, establish a credibility system and promote the industry image;



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